Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sim Galena: Where am I, last thing I know I was hanging out with my fiancee and now I'm here with 7 toddlers.
Me: Well you did say you wouldn't mind having a lot of kids with him.
Sim Galena: With him being a key line there. Besides who are you.
Me: I'm yo....*remembers Prosperity Point where Rachel can't accept she's Rachel's sim* your conscience.
Sim Galena: So what's with the toddlers?
Me: You're a challenge sim. Over the next 4 days you will raise these toddlers as best as possible.
Sim Galena: Sounds pretty easy if you ask me.
Me: You say that now.
Sim Galena: What?
Me: Oh nothing, lets introduce the tots.







Sim Galena: What about Lavender? There are 7 toddlers you know.
Me: I know, I didn't get a toddler picture, she was asleep when I was photographing, and I forgot to get her toddler picture.

Sim Galena: Anyway, I was left ro raise 7 toddlers. The first tthing that happened was the kids all crawling into the house at the same time.
Sim Galena: Robin is the lead followed by Darren and Apricot. They all went to play with the toys that had been purchased. They all had their own bedroom, with a block sorter, xylophone and rabbit. Also a blanket I had never seen before, but the kids loved it, they just went over to it and fell asleep if they needed to.
The first thing I did was take them all to potty.
For some this would be the only potty time they would get.

Me: Who are you calling there?
Sim Galena: The nanny, who else? I'm tired, the kids are still awake and need taken care of. I don't want to pass out.
Me: I guess it's better to call her and lose 2 points than have you pass out and lose 5.
Sim Galena: What as that?
Me: Oh...nothing.

Sim Galena: I also met people around town that I met and would come in and watch the kids. I would actually run outside to meet the unsuspecting victim...i mean person.
Me: I see you did some redecorating.
Sim Galena: Oh that. It's an interesting thing. I look at it and I feel much better.
Me: How many times did you look at it?
Sim Galena: Only twice.
Me: Why?
Sim Galena: Whenever I went to bed, I would have nightmares about the kids. I don't want anything happening to these kids.
Me: Haha, I see the kids encountered the elevated toilet.
Sim Galena: Yeah I noticed that.
Me: Give up kids, you'll never reach the throne!

Sim Galena: I hired a second nanny the third day. I passed out and decided a second helper couldn't hurt. Me: 5 points gone for you passing out 2 points for the nanny. Did the nanny's ever pee on the floor?
Sim Galena: *stares like I said something stupid* Are you kidding 8 times. And you would have thought they would clean it up so the kids wouldn't get into it, but no. At the end of the week the main room ended up looking like this:
Me: The social worker?
Galena: Never called. I was ver suprised. I thought they would investigate a house full of toddlers and a single mother. Especially when the kids look nothing like their mother. Do you have any idea why these kids look nothing like me?
Me: Let's not get into this. You mentioned you made it til the end of the toddler age?
Sim Galena: Yeah the kids grew up. With green aspiration meters. All of them.
It started with Burt.

Then Rainne and Lavender followed suit.

They all moved rooms for Robin.

And finally Apricot.

Me: And Sunset? Where's Sunset?

This is not good. She's trapped behind the nannies that never left. No matter, move the TV over to wake them up.
And lastly Sunset.


3 pts/ toddler skill --0 (no skills learned)--0 pts
3 pts/toddler growing up well--7 (all grew up well)--21pts
1 pt/2 skill points--17 skill points--8pts
3 pts/ toddler age in plat--0(no plats)--0 pts
1 pt/nanny peeing self--8 times--8 pts
-2/nanny--2 nannies--(-4pts)
-2/energizer painting--2 looks--(-4pts)
-5/parent passing out--1 passout--(-5pts)
No sim therapist
No bottles deleted
Nomoveobjects cheat

TOTAL: 24 pts
I did not keep track of advanced scoring. There was too many passouts (on toddler blankets) and diapers changed.

I'm guessing around 20 or so diapers and 14 falling asleep on blankets. About -10 if I kept score of the advanced.

*Note: Galena was a family sim. Will try again with a knowledge sim.